Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Blog/Intro/Explaination for my Existence

So, I'm sure a lot of you (or to be more accurate, the five of you) are wondering why I figured my opinions, thoughts and experiences are blog worthy. To be honest, I really don't. I don't even quite understand what qualities make something blog worthy (or even what blog worthy means for that matter-I mean, for years I thought blogs were knock off legos or something like that). What I do know is that I am, to a certain extent, awesome and that everyone should read my silly anecdotes and humor my fragile ego (and eggos)

So, recently I've been watching a lot of those true story of musicians movies; you know, movies like "Walk the Line," "Ray" and "That Thing You Do" (it's a true story to me). After watching these 3 films back to back to back I went into a coma but after I woke up from said coma I had an epiphany. "What was that epiphany," you ask? Well, if you would calm down and let me continue my story I would come to that. This is a process and I can't just jump into every thought at your whim. Now I would have told you by now if you hadn't been so impatient. I hope you're happy

I realized that there are many, many stories about musicians but most of those stories focus on when the person is just about to make it big. So few have a focal point on when that person is starting out. The hard times playing shows to belligerent crowds for $5 which doesn't even cover the cab fare home. Being a musician who is struggling to get by I sort of got jaded at how easy these stories make it seem. Granted, I want to hear about the people who make it. But more importantly, I want to hear about their struggle to make it. I want to know that these big names had to deal with the same stuff that I do. That is why I'm starting this blog. I want to document the good and bad of trying to "make it" (noone's ever told me what "it" is, by the way) playing music and to provide some funny stories in the process.

I hope you enjoy!

Take Care
--Kevin Ricci

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