Friday, January 30, 2009

Acronyms and Lo Mein

Last Friday (exactly 1 week ago, for you mathematicians) I finally got back ito the swing of thigs with my first "full set" (I use quotation marks because I still don't know what costitutes a full set) in roughly a month. For this show I was one of four acts for a dinner banquet/fundraiser (maybe) for a group called APABAPA, which stood for Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania. Upon learning the true meaning of the true meanig of the acronym (which I originally thought stood for Apples Pairs And Bananas Are Pure Awesome-which would have been at least 85% true) two things bothered me:

1) I was unsure what type of bar was being talked about in the acronym. That is to say, would I be playing to a whole crapload of drunks/bartenders in a dimly lit, smoke filled room while getting yelled at for reasons I don't understand or a bunch of lawyers. Unfortunately, it was the latter

2) The abbreviation of Pennsylvania in the Acronym was wrong. It's capital P lower case A... Pennsylvania is abbreviated Pa..... I don't know why that bothers me so much but it does

There was nothing really extraordinary about the show other than EVERYTHING (see what I did there?). First, playing sucked, pretty much everyone talked through/over everyone's sets. Normally I would have been upset about this but waiting for me after my set was at least $75 worth of Chinese food. WHAT? Normally (because I'm poor) I preffer to be paid in money rather than food... but as I was stuffing Shrimp Lo Mein into my pocket I really couldn't complain (for those of you who aren't street wise like me the going value of Lo Mein is through the roof).

After I had finished eating what was roughly 82% of my body weight in General Tsao's there was a lion dance which was quickly followed by a laser light show (ok, it was just a strobe light but it was still awesome).

I also tried a beer which was pretty much what would occur if Heineken and Soy Sauce got completely hammered one night, bumped uglies and Soy Sauce got knocked up,.Then, during the pregnancy Soy Sauce decided to experiment with Cocaine causingn irrevocable damage to the fetus. Then after it's birth, unable to deal with the severe mental and physical impairments of the bastard child Soy Sauce became physically abusive before evetually losing her mind and beig committed to an insane asylum. The beer was that awful.

Here is your horrible/nonsense song lyric(s) for the day courtesy of Regina Spektor's song "On The Radio" ( I have stared at the words in this song for what seems like countless hours and still have zero idea as to what it means (if it means anything)

This is how it works
It feels a little worse
Than when we drove that hearse
Right through a screamig crowd
While laughing up a storm
Until we were just bone
Until it got so warm
That none of us could sleep....

Take Care

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